Blast Worship: Jisei

Where they from?
Vancouver, Canada. The Canucks beat the Kraken in Seattle’s first-ever home game as a franchise. To be quite honest, I watched the Kraken expansion draft over the summer and was monumentally underwhelmed. I mean, the biggest name you’re taking is a 38-year-old defenseman from Calgary? WHAT AN UTTER LACK OF IMAGINATION. Shame on you. It’s sort of like how The Force Awakens was essentially a remake of A New Hope after the flawed but interesting disaster that was the prequel trilogy. God, I am such a nerd.

Why the hype?
Deathcore, let’s talk about it. For many (cough — me — cough,) it was the gateway drug into more accepted bastions of extreme metal: grindcore, death metal, etc. It had been years really until I had approached the genre with any sort of serious consideration (minus a few workouts set to Animosity’s Shut It Down) but that was before I discovered this Vancouver-based duo. Though strictly “grindcore,” Jisei harken back to the salad days of the early aughts when early deathcore and legitimate grindcore brushed elbows for a little bit (Insect Warfare technically were a Myspace band). This group encompasses lot of attributes from my favorites back then: the heft of early Suicide Silence, the monolithic discordance of early Maruta and the relentless snark of See You Next Tuesday. Ah, that band. I remember being so devastated when Decibel gave their last album a 6/10. God, I’m such a nerd.

Latest Release?
They have released a number of singles but their only proper album on Bandcamp is the self-released Bad Representation.  The one thing that really stands out here is the guitar tone. It’s so fucking thick and brutal, very reminiscent of early Suicide Silence and Las Vegas’ Misercordium. I mean, can we just admit there were some good things to come out of deathcore? It gave us the Red Chord! THE RED CHORD! I know every single lyric to “Lay The Tarp”! I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT YEAR MY DAD WAS BORN! God, I’m such a nerd.