Album Premiere: Mortal Vision – Mind Manipulation

Mortal Vision are an up-and-coming band hailing from Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine who play hard, fast and mean like they’ve got something to prove. Namely that thrash isn’t dead. 


On Mind Manipulation, Mortal Vision’s debut full-length, out this Friday on Redefining Darkness Records, the young Ukranian thrashers excavate the thrash of old and bring it roaring back to life with compulsively headbangable songs, atom-splitting solos and an unwavering commitment to supreme riffage. Combining Sodom’s muscle with early Sepultura’s ferocity and the pugilistic pulse of mid-‘80s West Coast thrash, Mortal Vision come out of nowhere with an undeniable sound. 

“Our album is the embodiment of certain human problems, most of which are ever present regardless of time and place,” says Ivan Dyshlyuk, Mortal Vision’s frontman. “In our lyrics we explore the horror of war, the unspoken disdainful attitude of those in power towards the masses as well as the psychological aspect of the human self. ”

Across its eight tracks, Mind Manipulation upholds the traditions of several nations’ styles of thrash par excellence, doing them all justice all while letting us know who Mortal Vision are and what they stand for. Non-stop thrash, for one thing. Catchy and heavy thrash that stops just short of Floridian death thrash. Suffice to say, Mind Manipulation leaves a massive crater in the middle of quite a few sweet spots.

Get Mind Manipulation this Friday from Redefining Darkness Records.