Album Premiere: Worm – “Foreverglade”

Something’s definitely rotten in Florida. That probably doesn’t need stating, though. Politics, murder, corruption, Florida Man—the whole state has a pervasive stink to it. And if there’s rot, there’s inevitably an ecosystem preying on that decay. For nearly a decade, Worm—primarily the brainchild of one Phantom Slaughter—have been feasting on the state’s primordial swamp and excreting a filthy sludge of doomy black metal.

Foreverglade is Worm’s first domestic release (via 20 Buck Spin) and third full-length, and it marks a significant step forward in production and performance from 2019’s Gloomlord. Phantom Slaughter is assisted on this latest release by Nihilistic Manifesto (additional guitar/solos), L. Dusk (session drummer) and Equimanthorn (additional synth), and the six tracks sweat malevolence like a delirious, malaria-infected tourist.

Equally feverish artwork was supplied by Brad Moore (Tomb Mold, Morpheus Descends, Organic Infest) and the vinyl edition, which won’t be available until Feb. 4, 2022, will include a 24″ x 36″ poster. The CD, cassette and digital downloads arrive Oct. 22, and you can preorder the CD here. Until then, grab an ear(worm)ful of Foreverglade.

1. Foreverglade (Intro)

2. Murk Above The Dark Moor

3. Cloaked In Nightwinds

4. Empire Of The Necromancers

5. Subaqueous Funeral

6. Centuries Of Ooze