Track Premiere: Godless – ‘Orbits of Decay’

Indian death metal quartet Godless are determined to climb the ladder of the metal scene in their country, reaching this goal through sheer determination and refinement of their thrashy death metal sound. Their latest release, debut album States of Chaos, subscribes to that same philosophy, as can be heard on the Godless’ new single, “Orbits of Decay.”

Godless don’t throw any change ups in the new song. Rather, they cut all fat and dig right into the meat, cutting the track down to a lean three minutes of riff, groove, riff. States of Chaos was mixed and mastered at Hertz Studios (Vader, Decapitated, Behemoth), giving the album a beefy, clean tone throughout.

“‘Orbits Of Decay’ is a harsh reminder that life is insignificant when juxtaposed with the vast and unforgiving black void that is outer space,” says vocalist Kaushal LS. “Particularly while witnessing an event of extinction.”

States of Chaos is out independently on November 19.