Video Premiere: Blistering Joy – ‘Funeral for the Death of My Dreams’

West coast outfit Blistering Joy serve up a bitter dose of corrosive, sludgy hardcore with the video for their new video for, “Funeral for the Death of My Dreams.” Mining in a similar vein to Dopethrone and Eyehategod, Blistering Joy specialize in a mid-tempo form of the sound, working in bits of early ’00s chaotic hardcore. By the end of the song, it feels like the band are barely holding in the pandemonium, before stopping on a dime.

Despite the song’s harsh exterior, there is a message of hope within.

“This track was brutally fashioned from personal rage at the expense of one’s self, an emotion that has since been severed,” Blistering Joy tell Decibel. “An elegy to the perceived permanence of failure as a human vessel only to have regrets left behind with a content corpse. No one will remember the dreams that remain unfulfilled as they decay with the body.

To all those still struggling in the harsh grip of suicidal thoughts and crippled by the hellish depths of mental health know that Blistering Joy loves you. Fear not, reach out, you will be embraced.”

“Funeral for the Death of My Dreams” is one of the outliers on the band’s debut, self-titled EP, which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Teeth’s Erol Ulug. The other four songs are more representative of the mathy hardcore sound hinted at on “Funeral for the Death of My Dreams.” You can watch the video below and hear the rest of Blistering Joy on Bandcamp.