Video Premiere: Annelida – ‘Crumbs for Rats’

Annelida are crushing us with their latest music video, “Crumbs for Rats,” out late this year on their new record, Lord Leech. The video takes us back to the good old days of band practice in your bedroom, showing a jam session complete with Christmas lights, alien decor and, of course, a nekked lady poster.

Self-described as “aggressive mathcore from the bright lights of Sin City,” vocalist/guitarist and songwriter of Annelida, Kevin Thomas, combines his sludgy riffs and unapologetic vocals with the chaotic, almost nonsensical rhythm section. (And it really is a bit nonsensical, we have to say.)

Truly, Annelida are not your typical mathcore dudes. There is more aggression, and a lot more pure hardcore influence, than you may expect to find from a group who calls itself mathcore. It may just be that the band does a good job of conforming to a modern sound while keeping their mathy roots in tact, but this translates well into the hardcore resurgence we’re seeing right now. Plenty of catchy bits and pounding riffs to keep you occupied.

The band says, “‘Crumbs for Rats’ is our crude way to explain our views on the fast-paced changes of the music business. Have you tried the rat piss wine served over pigeons?”

I’m not entirely sure what that means or what the hell pigeons they’re referring to, but the song rips.

PR for the band says, “With the current climate of heavy music, Annelida fits in like the dude that crashed your house party, then suddenly becomes the life of it.” So, basically what I said, but better.