Video Premiere: Corrupted Saint – ‘Process of Elimination’

Late last year, Decibel debuted Mutilated Before the Masses, the second EP from Florida-based death-thrash outfit Corrupted Saint. Today, we have the latest video from the outfit, for the song “Process of Elimination.”

Those who listened to the EP will be familiar with its third track, which features a ton of high-speed riffs and slower, chunky mosh parts. There are shades of Slayer, Demolition Hammer, Exhorder and Solstice in the music, updated with a more modern production job. On the video side of things, Corrupted Saint opt for a performance video that also includes a bit of violent storytelling.

“The song ‘Process of Elimination’ addresses the consequences of tyrannical behavior and speaks to what can happen when the privilege of authority is taken too far—a sobering thought, and an intriguing concept to explore in the midst of the ever-increasing polarization and divisiveness that can be observed in the world at large,” Corrupted Saint tell Decibel.

Check out the video for “Process of Elimination” below and grab a copy of the EP through Redefining Darkness.