Full EP Stream: Corrupted Saint – “Mutilated Before the Masses”

Mutilated Before the Masses is a throwback to the days of gory, primitive death-thrash. The new EP from Jacksonville, Florida-based outfit Corrupted Saint, Mutilated Before the Masses is a short-and-not-so-sweet romp through fast-paced, headbangable riffs, with shades of seminal artists like Slayer, Exhorder, Demolition Hammer and Solstice.

When they slow to a crawl, like on “Forced to the Gallows” and “”Embalmed Alive,” Corrupted Saint invoke the spirit of swampy death metal like fellow Floridians Obituary; at their fastest (“Process of Elimination”), the quartet sound unhinged, like they’re barely keeping the songs from going off the rails.

Despite their status as a new band—though they’ve kept busy over the last three years with a handful of demos and EPs—Corrupted Saint sound like a veteran band. Mutilated Before the Masses should particularly appeal to listeners who have grown bored of the old-school death metal revival and are looking for something classic-sounding but different.

Redefining Darkness and Raw Skull have promised a Christmas Day massacre with the impending release of Mutilated Before the Masses, but Decibel has a full stream of the EP below.