Track Premiere: Teeth – ‘The Fog of Futility’

West Coast death metal outfit Teeth are less than 72 hours from their opening performance on Sunday afternoon as part of Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest: Philadelphia. Those not familiar with their doomy brand of death metal can get familiar with new track “The Fog of Futility,” the fourth track on upcoming LP Finite.

“The Fog of Futility” is a dense, aggressive offering, becoming more and more dissonant as the track continues.

“‘The Fog of Futility’ expresses the understanding of how vacuous we are when facing a scale of cosmic proportions,” guitarist/vocalist Justin Moore tells Decibel. “We will be swallowed by the maw of time and space and cannot do a thing about it.

“Written during a time we struggled under the immense gaze of isolation. Upheaving suspicions towards an unspecified future. The haze or fog of each moment became just as exhausting as the next. We could only fracture the quiet with our anger and uncertainty.”

Finite is out November 26 on Translation Loss.