Video Premiere: Devil’s Reef – ‘Plague Uncovered’

Technical death metal trio Devil’s Reef are adept at balancing heaviness and speed in a way that stands out from many of their modern peers. Though their style is dependent on extremely-technical musicianship, Devil’s Reef maintain a chugging low end that steers the album in a more brutal direction and sidesteps the neutered, overly clean style that comes with the genre.

That style is on display on new EP A Whisper from the Cosmos, which is out in October on The Artisan Era. Today, Decibel premieres “Plague Uncovered,” the third track from the forthcoming EP.

A Whisper from the Cosmos is our heaviest, most progressive release to date, featuring five songs that will take the listener through the twists and turns of sci-fi themed technical death metal,” they tell Decibel. “We have worked our hardest to create something that is set apart from others in the genre, but still remains as familiar as ever. We tell a tale of divine contact, insanity and otherworldly invasion through the eyes of a team of scientists on the verge of a breakthrough on the most fundamental building block of our universe. From blast beats to blasphemies, A Whisper from the Cosmos will open a new world for the listener, and for the celestial creatures lying in wait.”