Full Album Stream: ‘Death Metal Power From Beyond’ Compilation

Death Metal Power From Beyond, a brand-new compilation out next week on Horror Pain Gore Death, is going to make death metal fans very happy. Featuring new tracks from Ruin, Putrisect, Anatomia, Undergang, Coffins, Mortuary and ten others, the comp is a primer on some of the best death metal the underground has to offer.

There’s a lot of stylistic and regional representation on Death Metal Power From Beyond. Bands hail from the United States, Mexico, Japan, Sweden, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Denmark and Finland and there’s a variety of death metal subgenres: Undergang’s “Dødskunst” is tinged with doom, Reckless Manslaughter specialize in stompy grooves, Cemetarian revel in the crunch of the HM2 and Coffins go straight for the throat with their brand of high-speed death.

“I am very proud of the lineup assembled for Death Metal Power From Beyond,” says Horror Pain Gore Death owner and compilation curator Mike Juliano. “Many years ago, compilations were extremely important and I discovered lots of bands from them (Metal Massacre, Grindcrusher, Death… Is Just The Beginning). Death Metal Power From Beyond combines newer/lesser known acts, rising up-and-comers and scene veterans, resulting in vicious assembly of what true death metal is, was and was always meant to be. HPGD is proud to unleash this slab of death metal slaughter to the masses. Major labels take note, the underground shall rise above!”

There’s something for every sick horror freak on Death Metal From Beyond and it’s streaming right now.