Track Premiere: Inebrious Incarnate – “Altar of Intoxication”

Slamming brutal death metal is an inherently cartoony genre, focusing on the most knuckle-dragging elements of a knuckle-dragging sound. The ultra gory lyrics make it even more so. Blood-soaked diatribes and bludgeoning noises are so intertwined that headbangers often let the ridiculousness go in one ear and out the other. Inebrious Incarnate refuse to let that happen, turning to the bottle to smash it into metalheads, well, heads—while getting smashed.

Let’s just hope the Brits don’t practice what they preach and get annihilated before playing. The music on “Altars of Intoxication” is razor sharp, like a beer bottle broken just right, and needs the kind of precision NOT displayed in the accompanying lyric video. People fall all over the place, all over the video. Perhaps it’s a harbinger of what’s to come in the mosh pit. Hopefully those worshipping the “booze gods” don’t spill everything and make it even messier.

The band explain their religion and its hymns.

“‘Altars of Intoxication’ is the second track from the album Abstemious Genocide and features everything that characterizes the band. It sets the tone for the album, featuring insane fast passages, mid-tempo hardcore sections and annoyingly catchy slams.

“Lyrically, the song focuses on our church, which is a pub, bar, club, our front room—wherever! The one rule being, if you’re not willing to consume in vast quantities, you’re not fucking welcome.”

Assuming you’ve got a beer to crack, feel free to hit play below. Otherwise, go get one and come back. The party don’t start until the booze is flowing like blood, apparently.

Abstemious Genocide is out October 15 via Ultimate Massacre Productions. Pre-order it on CD, alongside album merch, on their store.