Video Premiere: Tunic – ‘Apprehension’

For many of us, there was that DARE class in elementary school where the cop tells you all the fucked up shit that’ll happen if you do drugs. 

I’m not sure if they gave the same talk in Winnipeg, but the Canadian noiserock duo known as Tunic are using their new video for “Apprehension” to show us what a bad acid trip looks like to a ten-year-old.

“The inspiration was to play off all of our videos, which feature our faces so heavily, but this time I wanted it to be extremely chaotic,” says guitarist/frontman David Schellenberg, really nailing the extremely chaotic part. “I wanted to do this with a medium we’ve never used before, animation.”

Created by Sam Neal, who does all the band’s album art, and Dimitris Armenakis, it’s a two-minute rocket ride through nightmare hallucinations, the band hurtling forward Amrep-style before absolutely wrecking their instruments while Schellenberg punishes his lungs to scream about topics a little more relatable than baby-headed caterpillars with guns and leering calculators.

“This song is about giving up, being defeated and getting bulldozed by a relationship.”

Turn on and drop out below.

Tunic’s new full-length, Quitter, is slated for October 15th on Artoffact Records. Preorder it now