Track Premiere: Demiricous – “Terminal Future”

Demiricous band photo

Just a year into the 21st century, Indianapolis thrashers Demiricous formed. They self-released two demos and the songs were ferocious; a mix of Slayer’s chapel-haunting death/thrash and the darkest shades of melodic black metal. The strength of those demos lured Metal Blade to speedway country, and Demiricous signed the dotted lines. The band released two albums with Metal Blade (One: Hellbound and Two: Poverty). But by the end of 2011, the rising thrash stars had faded into a hiatus. After a sold-out reunion show right before Covid swept the world in January 2020, the band began working on new material. “Terminal Future” is their first new song in almost 12 years, and we have an exclusive stream right here at Decibel Magazine.

The band’s new single begins with a gritty street-thrash sprint. Despite the familiar aggressive barks, there are some unexpected melodic flourishes from vocalist/bassist Nate Olp (Lair of the Minotaur). The song then explodes with surround-sound gang-shouts that feel like a battalion roaring in unison. Guitarists Scott Wilson and Ben Parrish unleash some riveting fretwork as the song starts to sizzle. But it’s drummer Dustin Boltjes (Chrome Waves, ex-Skeletonwitch) who returns the song to its central heavy-artillery rhythm. The advance single was recorded by Wes Heaton in 1857 Studios, where the entire new record was tracked. Demiricous expects to release their third LP (Three: Chaotic Lethal) in late winter/early spring of 2022 with Post. Recordings.

Four minutes of ravenous thrash are in your near (terminal) future. Press launch on this warhead below.

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