Track Premiere: Confess — “Megalodon”

Photo by Camilla Norvoll

It’s 10 a.m. The library where Nikan Khosravi works is quiet — or at least quiet enough for him to pen some lyrics for the next Confess record. He begins to think of the megalodon, the giant mackerel shark that lived tens of millions of years ago and presumed long-extinct — though some believe it continues to prowl the greater unexplored depths of the ocean, biding its time, waiting for the moment when it can resurface and slay again.

A sense of kinship wells up in Khosravi’s heart.

“That idea [of a persevering monster] resonated with us,” Khosravi tells Decibel. “After going to prison, trial after trial and dealing with emigration, so many people thought we were gone. We’re just dead! And I love to prove people wrong…”

And prove them wrong the band — famously imprisoned by the Iranian regime for bravely refusing to renounce the metal militia — certainly does on the ferocious, multi-pronged extreme metal opus Revenge At All Costs, which is sure to turn a lot of heads when it drops via Rexius Records. It is a triumphant resurrection, a beautifully rendered cry of inspirational defiance, and a record fairly teeming with riffs as catchy as they are serrated.

Not. Dead. Yet.

“‘Megalodon’ was the first song that I wrote after I moved to Norway,” Khosravi says. “Also, it is my first experience with low-tuned seven-string. The interesting part of it was, it was actually an improvisation that I had recorded on my phone. After couple of weeks when we were listening to it again we were like: ‘Damn! This thing is fire! It should be completed and make it to the album!'”

The Machine-mastered album isn’t out until 2022, but we’ve got an exclusive preview right now with the aforementioned odd to the righteous beasts protected by the depths.