Album Premiere: Turn Cold – ‘Break Your Faith’

Turn Cold album art

The pandemic kept humanity hostage in 2020. That isolation was the origin for many musical projects beginning as bedroom recordings or long-distance file-trading collaborations. While modern technology made it possible for Atlanta thrashers Turn Cold to write during lockdown, their vintage sound long precedes Dropbox. After bringing their crossover attack to engineer CJ Ridings in the studio, the band has emerged with their debut EP. Despite its title, Break Your Faith will reignite your faith in fast ‘n’ heavy riffage. The EP releases September 3rd, but Decibel Magazine has an exclusive stream so y’all can headbang your Wednesday into oblivion.

Once Sten’s feral snarl emerges from the first churn of distortion Turn Cold’s energy never relents. Just like I keep arctic air conditioning pumping through the summer months, Turn Cold keep their intensity dialed high. The title track’s shrieking guitar solo from Brettno surnames provided for these gentsis one of the EP’s many fiery highlights. “Delusion Solution” leads with throbbing bass from Twitch before harmonized leads lure the listener into a bruising punk sprint. “The End of My Rope” concludes the three-track EP with a composition tighter than a hangman’s knot. The mix from Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues) and mastering from Nick Townsend wisely leave the band’s rawness intact. While the songs are sleekly written, the sound is never over-polished and sanitized. Speed metal fans and crust punks alike will want to jam this boozy blend of thrash and hardcore immediately.

Break Your Faith while reinforcing your love for crossover thrash with Turn Cold. Press play and let it rip.

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