Blast Worship: Deterioration

Where they from? Minneapolis, Minnesota.
We are now entering the magical time of year where fantasy football drafts are happening every night. Who are you taking this year? For me my top three picks are: J.K. Dobbins, T.Y. Hilton and Tim Tebow. I think those three as your RB1, WR1 and TE1 respectively create a formidable lineup that could be rounded out by a kicker and the Detroit Lions’ defense/special teams. Good luck, everyone!

Why the hype?
Yes, Deterioration is the second ever to be featured TWICE in this lauded column, behind only D.C.’s equally mesmerizing Ixias. I have written about Minnesota’s premiere basement unit for several years now in MULTIPLE publications for good reason: the band never fails to bring it’s unbridled formula of speed, grime, disgust and fascinating samples onto every single thing they’ve ever recorded. When alien archeologists discover our dead planet many eons into the future and are trying to figure out who was the main progenitor of the great Midwest grindcore surge of the late 2010s, they should look no further than Deterioration.

Latest Release?
Transcending Human Confines available through Shattered Dreams Productions. The audio samples here, always a strength of the band, vary from the genuinely disturbing to out-right hilarious. Everything from a graphic description of the cremation process, to rednecks breaking down the political ramifications of armed protests, the already stellar music with a sense of morbid irony that I could only describe as “peak 2021.” Also, the mid-tempo bruiser riff in “Solving Thee Equations of Life and Death” is an absolute barn-burner.