Frozen Soul’s Expanded Reissue of ‘Encased in Ice’ on Exclusive Icy Light Blue LP Available for Pre-Order Now!

Fort Worth’s Frozen Soul delivered a stone-cold case of death metal on their debut LP Crypt of Ice earlier this year. And now you can get your mittens on the first bolts they ever threw, 2019’s Encased in Ice EP, which is now available for pre-order as in a deluxe expanded edition on an exclusive Translucent Light Blue color limited to 200 worldwide, available only via the Decibel webstore. This expanded reissue comes on heavy duty 180-gram vinyl, cold-packed with an exclusive A2 poster and adorned with newly updated artwork.

The new version of Encased in Ice features the original EP, covers of Slayer’s “Mandatory Suicide” and Entombed’s “Morbid Devourment,” the “Tormented by Time” track original released through the Decibel Flexi Series and a demo version of “Crypt of Ice.”

Don’t get left out in the cold—pre-order now!