Track Premiere: Inferi – “Vile Genesis”

Inferi band photo

Nashville tech-death exterminators Inferi have been waging sonic warfare since forming in 2006. Now 15 years into the band’s destructive expedition, they’re releasing their sixth LP with fellow Nashvillain label The Artisan Era. Inferi’s new album Vile Genesis will roar into our orbit on September 10th. Luckily, we tracked a distress signal to a crash site and found their title track smouldering in the rubble. Here’s an exclusive video of “Vile Genesis” to keep you mutants satiated, only here at Decibel Magazine.

In about six minutes, Inferi tell the tale of humanity’s self-destruction unknowingly resulting in an undead army for alien conquerors. Inferi’s signature guitarwork is dizzying and restless. Band founder Malcolm Pugh and Mike Low trade solos that are each mini-epics. Inferi’s soundscape employs a symphonic backdrop without over-relying on synths. The song always remains focused on guitars, Spencer Moore’s frantic drumming, and the space-borne growls of Stevie Boiser. The Vile Genesis title track glows neon green with super-charged radiation from the freakishly good guitar leads. Pair those talents with a slick video bringing their sci-fi horror themes to life, and “Vile Genesis” is a must-listen for fans of The Black Dahlia Murder and technically-inclined melodic death metal.

“This third and final single for Vile Genesis is one of the most ambitious and demanding songs we’ve ever put together,” Inferi said in a statement. “Everyone brought their A-game for this one, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with you!”

Witness tomorrow’s hell today by pressing play below and blasting Inferi’s “Vile Genesis.”

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