Track Premiere: Sarcoughagus – “Genial Sense of Torture”

After debuting last summer with the massive Invoking Paranoia demo, Cleveland-based stoner/death gang Sarcoughagus followed up heavily with a two-song promo tape for their forthcoming full-length. Pushing a desensitized style of all-out-war death metal, the kill squad became four players strong as they approached the recording of their album. Sarcoughagus did well to head to Dayton, OH to record their album at Fix My Face Studios with Cody Davidson (drummer of Sanguisugabogg). Today, we premiere the first single, “Genial Sense of Torture,” from Sarcoughagus’ debut full-length. 

According to Sarcoughagus’ founding member, Nate Fey, “Delusions of the Sick is the name of the album. I wrote the lyrics for most of the songs touching on mental disorders and psychotic delusions, some of them are sort of a story, some are just ideas. The sound comes from our obsession with old school death metal and punk/thrash.” He goes on to say that “‘Genial Sense of Torture’ is about someone describing how they get a feeling of happiness whilst torturing people, so when we were writing it we wanted to keep it more upbeat and really capture that brutality in a different light while still hammering in some heavy riffs.”

Out next Friday, August 20 on tape from festering monolith Maggot Stomp, with LPs and CDs looming, Delusions of the Sick offers eight debilitating hits, one meg-asick cover courtesy of Mark Cooper (IG: @maindrapeart) and several lifetime’s worth of spine-obliterating punishment.

“Genial Sense of Torture”

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