Full Album Stream: Qrixkuor – “Poison Palinopsia”

A great many extreme metal records claim to be the stuff of nightmares or a descent into hell. Most of the artists who made those records are lying or exaggerating, but most of those bands are not Qrixkuor. The multi-national death metal trio deliver their first full-length album in the form of Poison Palinopsia, their first music in five years; the final product is a nightmarish, surreal death metal album that is as unnerving as it is heavy.

The two songs on the album are split into parts via musical changes and orchestration, but Poison Palinopsia resists easy categorization. It is an album best listened to at once, in the dark, with headphones on, in order to fully slip into the offering on display.

“This is an album that needed to be made, made the way that it needed to be made—this is the sound of perseverance,” guitarist/vocalist S. tells Decibel.

“Coming 5 years after the release of Three Devils Dance and restoring to recrudescent malevolence a band seemingly returned to dust, Poison Palinopsia could be regarded as the rebirth of Qrixkuor. However, the throbbing beat of madness never ceased to pulse, heaving through our quivering bones and resulting in a summoning to sentence—the delirious descent to the aphotic depths of the divine that you hear today.

“Daniel Corcuera’s demented cover art serves as a masterfully indicative warning as to the nature of the voyage contained within. Poison Palinopsia is a 48 minute-long stare deep into the eyes of Mother Death, a whole uniting the reflections of illumination and abomination, the two faces of the black moon. Let go of the tangible mass of your mind—it is only an illusion…”

Poison Palinopsia is out on August 13 via Dark Descent and Invictus Productions in Europe.