Track Premiere: Inferi – “Simian Hive”

At some point, Nashville’s Inferi made the difficult transition from promising up-and-comers to reliable vets. Upcoming neck-snapper Vile Genesis is somehow their sixth full-length, and it sees the band proving that they’re an awesome force to behold, even at cruising velocity. Last month, Decibel premiered the album’s lead single, “Mesmeric Horror,” and today, we’re stoked to exclusively share “Simian Hive,” along with a visualizer that animates Helge Balzer’s killer cover art for the album.

If you’ve been following Inferi for any length of time, you know to expect a vision of death metal that’s somewhere between the user-friendly melodicism of the Black Dahlia Murder and the dizzying tech-death of Obscura. “Simian Hive” lands smack dab between the two poles, with Stevie Boiser’s staccato growl guiding the band through alternating passages of heady, complex riffing and pure rock n’ roll shredding. Check it out below, and hear what guitarist Malcolm Pugh had to say about the song.

“This track is by far one of the most dynamic songs on Vile Genesis in the way it mixes high levels of speed and technicality while flipping to pure head banging heaviness on a whim. Plus the opening riff is probably my favorite from the album, so I might be biased!”

Pre-order Vile Genesis before its Sep 10 here.