Full Album Stream: Some Dead Bodies – Monolith

Seemingly overnight, the Houston-based death metal duo Some Dead Bodies (featuring Nobody from back porch black metal crooked king, Vide) have steadily built an imposing discography of their own brand of unconventional, unpretentious death metal punishment. Closer to something you might have heard on Razorback in the mid- to late-00s, Some Dead Bodies move around and frequently through the crowd of nowadays death metal bands with sociopathic aplomb and big, blunt and nasty riffs. 

On Monolith, their second album since their eponymous debut album from 2019, guitars are handled by one J of Houston goremongers Horoh—a decision which results in Some Dead Bodies’ second album living up to its name. A record so brutally straight-forward, yet excitingly novel, Monolith lunges from the void and reminds us what this all really about. 

According to Some Dead Bodies’ other half, Monolith “is violence and voodoo, terror and suspense, and a revenge that conquers death itself.”


Get Monolith this Friday from JEMS.