Track Premiere: Succumb – ‘Okeanos’

Photo: Christian Shepherd

It’s been a long wait—four years, to be exact—for new music from Succumb but new single “Okeanos,” the first from new album XXI, is proof that good things come to those who wait.

One thing is immediately clear: XXI shows a meaner, more in-your-face version of Succumb than was present on their self-titled debut from 2017. “Okeanos”—named after the Greek god of the river River Oceanus—features fast, twisting riffs and pounding drums that contain far more intensity but Succumb’s secret weapon is vocalist Cheri Musrasrik.

Inspired lyrically by poets and novelists of the past, Musrasrik’s vocal delivery is more of a howl than a roar; with a more front-and-center place in the mix, the vocalist lends the band a more unique and haunting sound.

XXI is out September 24 on The Flenser but “Okeanos” is streaming now.