Full Album Stream: Bottomless – Bottomless

Italy’s Bottomless boasts a talented lineup of musicians that feature prominently in bands like Messa and Assumption. Though their prior endeavors take a more death-doom and sludgy tone, their newest project — and subsequent self-titled full-length — follows a similar, doomy vein as Saint Vitus and the Obsessed do. At times they sound like, as Decibel’s overlord, Albert Mudrian, describes, “doom Alice in Chains.” The Italian trio, no matter the comparisons, executes a clinic on fist-pumping, foot-stomping heavy metal.

Riff-laden and gritty, Bottomless tap into classic heavy metal grooves that could fill arenas and dive bars alike. One of many album standouts, “Centuries Asleep,” showcases Giorgio Trombino’s guitar soloing chops and soaring clean vocals. Elsewhere, “Ash,” shows an absolutely thunderous low-end rife with towering crash cymbals and rumbling bass from David Lucido and Sara Bianchin, respectively. Collectively, Bottomless’ full-length introduction signals an exciting perspective for a project teeming with talent.

Bottomless arrives this Friday through Spikerot Records. Listen to an exclusive premiere of their self-titled album now and pre-order the album ahead of its release.