Full Album Stream: Archangel A.D.’s Cassus Belli

According to Metal Archives there are at least six other Archangel’s past and present – and discouragingly, there will likely be more to assume the well-worn moniker come the future – and at least half of these are self-professed Christian metal bands. Oy vey! As a means of distinguishing themselves from the god-bothering pack, this band of whippersnappers from the border town of Edinburg, TX didn’t exactly do the greatest job by adding the ‘A.D.’ back in 2016, but have taken a better and much more interesting stand against the forces of light with a thrashing din that attaches itself to the genre’s rough, raw, filthy and dirty side. Sounding like a mix of Dave Mustaine’s veins circa-1985/’86, the floor of the Rochester, NY studio Metallica slept on whilst recording Kill ‘Em All and Lemmy’s liver from 1969 onwards, Archangel A.D. managed to shake off the COVID lockdown cobwebs to record and complete their first full-length, Casus Belli. But it’s not all about setting off cherry bombs and tripping over bottles of half-downed malt liquor with half-smoked cigarettes floating in them; Archangel A.D. also address the present human condition and their own adversities via pensive interludes, bass solos. psychedelic hippie rock and a Spanish language Latin/flamenco guitar tune. All of which you can experience here and now via the stream of Casus Belli below.

When asked to introduce their introductory album to you fine folks, the band responded by saying: “We are so proud to be bringing you this album! It took us a few years, a lineup change, battling through a pandemic, and winning against procrastination and depression, but what we are delivering with Casus Belli is an amalgamation of all our personalities, hardships, and battles from these past few years. Within you will find tracks dedicated to the memory of some of our heroes like Lemmy, tracks about fantasy and warfare, introspective tracks that will (hopefully) make you feel something other than pure adrenal rage, and so much more. We wanted to come out with a bang, but we also wanted to make you think, and I think we have accomplished that with this record. So prepare for battle, and join us in our cause for war, we hope you enjoy our debut LP, Casus Belli.

Casus Belli will be released July 23rd. Contact info and all that jive below.