Video Premiere: Fermentor – ‘7th Circle’

With the old-school death metal resurgence becoming progressively more saturated every week, a band has to do more to break free from the pack. For San Diego’s Fermentor (featuring members of San Diego thrashers Beekeper), standing out is easy: Dylan Marks plays the drums and Adam Wollach plays guitar. The duo keep things strictly instrumental, letting the riffs do the talking.

They’ve been active since 2008, but their first full-length, Continuance, came out earlier this month. Those unfamiliar can dive into the video for “7th Circle,” which showcases the band’s penchant for writing unique songs alongside their lighthearted sense of humor as the duo chase a probably-magical orb (and each other) around a variety of outdoor locations.

You can view the video below and purchase the album through Metal Assault Records.