Full Album Stream: Psychic Hit – “Solutio”

Oakland rockers Psychic Hit keep the spirit of the genre alive on Solutio, the band’s latest release. Led by guitarists Jake Palladino and Andrea Genevieve, Psychic Hit embody the spirit of classic rock and early heavy metal with swaggering riffs and grooving rhythm section, making room for vocalist Ariana Jade’s impassioned delivery.

Despite a relatively short runtime of six songs, Solutio leaves an impression; not just dedicated to the sounds of the past, Psychic Hit take familiar hard rock and heavy metal sounds and put their own spin on the music. Paired with the quintet’s distinct appearance, Solutio stands out.

“I could wax flowery poetic about the meaning of Solutio and its relationship to alchemy,” Genevieve tells Decibel. “You know, the process of taking riffs and melodies and transforming them into fully fleshed-out songs is similar to the alchemical process of transforming matter into gold. But, sharing that deeper meaning of the album, the symbolism and such, feels slightly unnecessary. We leave it up to the listener to find whatever meaning they want in our songs, lyrics, or even album art. Choose your own adventure. Music stays exciting when bands let the tunes speak for themselves. Just listen to this EP, enjoy the darkness, enjoy the light, and have some fun.”

Solutio is out this Friday, July 9 on Seeing Red Records, but Decibel is streaming the album in full now.