Track Premiere: Disimperium – ‘Malefic Obliteration’

Disimperium are a whirlwind of blackened death metal on debut EP Malefic Obliteration. Formed by members of Misrule and Ascended Dead, Disimperium inject their blackened death metal sound with a shot of grinding aggression, nearly pushing the sound over the sonic line into war metal territory.

The EP’s title track, streaming below, is a perfect example of what to expect from Malefic Obliteration, taking the aforementioned sound and adding a layer of noise; the only time the listener is given a respite from the explosion of distorted riffs and blast beats is when a layer of fuzzy noise briefly takes over the song.

“Malefic Obliteration” is streaming below, with the entire EP out July 23 on Sentient Ruin.