Video Premiere: Graveslave – “Spectral Procession”

Graveslave is a death metal force of many faces. The band is clearly a progressive death metal band, but they bring in all manner of vibes into the mix, from 2000s deathcore, some black metal and alternative metal to coalesce into a blend that’s hard to categorize but easy to enjoy. The band is set to release a new album, No Center, later this month, but we at Decibel have the good fortune of premiering the song and video for “Spectral Procession” below.

According to the band’s lead singer, Ashton George:

“When I wrote this song, I had this idea fresh in my mind from a stoner-y psychedelic podcast I was listening to. The topic of the podcast was surrounding the subject of “Where do ideas come from?” [It] discuss[ed]… that ideas were never really ours, to begin with. I thought the concept was fun and applied it to demonic forces penetrating our reality through ritual and mind.”

For those of you who inhabit the Great Plains, the band will be performing at Slamdakota Death Fest (lol, awesome name) in Sioux Falls, SD, which runs from July 16-17. Graveslave will be playing alongside bands like Skeletal Remains and Putrid Pile, so if you’re in search of a brutal good time, get your ass over there!

Check out Graveslave’s new video below and check out their Bandcamp if you dig it!