Full EP Stream: Mule Skinner – ‘7″‘

Mule Skinner have been around for a long time. Originally forming in NOLA in 1987 and releasing their first demo in 1991, Mule Skinner released their first full-length, Abuse, in 1996 before entering a period of radio silence until 2014. They reactivated in 2014, beginning a pattern of new releases every few years.

Today, Mule Skinner follow up their 2018 LP, Airstrike, with a three-song seven-inch simply titled 7″. The band are old school in their approach to both songwriting and production, taking bits of death metal, grindcore, hardcore and crust punk and tossing them in the blender. Side B features the song “Internal Aggression,” which takes a sludgier, thicker approach. There’s something for everyone on Mule Skinner’s new seven-inch, no small feat for a band that has existed in some form for 35 years.

7″ is out now on Roman Numeral Records; tune in and turn up at the link below.