Blast Worship: Ptomatopsiaa

Where they from?
According to their YouTube description (which is the only page on the internet with any information regarding this band) this group has members from both California and Connecticut. Oddly enough I have lived in both places and would not recommend either. Connecticut has too many trees and not enough people and California just like every song the Red Hot Chili Peppers wrote about it: annoying.

Why the hype?
Because Ptomatopsiaa just slaps. I mean, we have talked here plenty about the new wave of hyper goreblast led most prominently by groups like Sulfuric Cautery, Human Effluence and the like, and it’s good to see that micro-genre that I am bending over backwards to try to make into an actual thing (I just want to be cited in a Wikipedia article, goddammit) is still going strong into 2021.

The guitar tone here is what really stands out to me. It’s just so violent and the treble-led attack just scrapes the wax off your ear drums in the most abusive way possible. Yes, most people will go nutty for the snare drum, which has that classic cookie tin sound so pivotal to the outer reaches of goregrind, but us true hyper goreblast connoisseurs will take time to appreciate the guitar tone because we are just better than most people.

Latest release?
Parturition EP. Another thing I’m noticing with these hypergoreblast bands (PLEASE MAKE THIS A THING) is a certain intentional inaccessibility of their material in terms of being on the internet. This one YouTube video is literally the only thing I can find on the band anywhere. To be honest, I think that makes it more brutal. Like, this band is so fucking seismically heavy that the only way to listen to their music is to open up YouTube, sit through an ad for Turbo Tax, and then let their music play through the shitty speakers off your sister’s laptop that you borrowed two years ago. That’s fucking brutality right there.