Full Album Stream: Orphan Donor – “Unraveled”

Get ready for a journey into the extremes of the unconscious, the swirling madness of anger, hatred and desperation. Orphan Donor (what a name!) is here with its new album, Unraveled, filled to the grim with furious bile reminiscent of 2000s screamo and metalcore, but with a touch of chaos that retains a connection to grind and mathcore. The band is primarily the project of Jared Stimpfl of Secret Cutter, but the new album also features the vocal talents of Chris Pandolfo from Clouds Collide.

It’s noisy, angular, crushing stuff. Brings me back in all the right ways.

According to Jared:

“This project has always been a release for me. A purge of the slow accumulations of negative emotions of unmanaged energy that can build up over time. This time I dug deep past the constant traps of the patterns and loops I find myself in, to the source of a lot of pain and suffering: the loss of my father, and the subsequent psychosis from a decade of repressed feelings and growth. This was a last-ditch effort to dig through the mechanisms in my brain that have always cut this groove into my life which creates these spillovers, and the projections from deep seeded anger and sadness into my very wonderful and gratifying existence. This was the first time I’ve felt that the process of writing was actually healing, instead of just a way to deal. Unraveled is an authentic expression and account of some of the hardest and scariest times in my life that have shaped me to be the person that I am today.”

Unraveled will be released on June 11 via Zegema Beach Records; you can check out digital preorder information here.