Blast Worship: Choke

Where they from?
Oakland, California. Oakland Athletics are threatening to move away from Oakland if they don’t get public funding to fix their stadium. Man, I feel like that would be the most Oakland thing ever, to lose both of your professional sports teams within five years of each other. What next? MC Hammer is going to disown this fucking town or some shit? Aye caramba.

Why the hype?
First and foremost, this band sounds like New Jersey’s Ground. And I mean like A LOT. But that’s inevitably a good thing because Mike Mayo and company are held in very high esteem around these parts. There are beatdown parts aplenty combined with concrete slabs of D-beats and the occasional in-your-face blast beat. There is also a Madball cover, in case the over-the-top tough guy bravado wasn’t apparent enough through song titles like “Talk Shit, Get Hit” and “Fascist Smasher.” And yes, this is a band from Oakland, which means that the snare drum sounds like a rubber bucket being thrown down a middle school hallway, an oddly apt metaphor for this band’s persona.

Latest Release?
It’s Hard To Talk Shit, With No Fucking Teeth. This album basically feels like a Facebook fight made into music form and honestly that’s extremely fitting for what we have all collectively experienced this past year. Drummer and Vocalist Gregg Deadface is speaking for all of us when he is calling out fence-walkers and other conservative agitators hiding in the form of “Devil’s Advocate” or whatever other bullshit passes for Republican ideology these days. Talk shit, get lit.