Track Premiere: Burial in the Sky – ‘Anatomy of Us’

Decibel first introduced readers to progressive death metal outfit Burial in the Sky in 2018, around the release of then-new album Creatio et Hominus As these things tend to go, a few years have passed and Burial in the Sky have a new album, The Consumed Self, slated for an August 13 release.

Today, the band give listeners an extended look at their growth between albums with “Anatomy of Us,” the second single released from The Consumed Self. At nearly 13 minutes in length, “Anatomy of Us” goes through several movements, beginning with acoustic guitars and angelic clean vocals before transitioning into a whirlwind of riffs, grooves, melodic leads and general technical wizardry that quietly fades into peaceful strings.

“‘Anatomy Of Us’ was the final track written on our new album, The Consumed Self,” guitarist James Tomedi tells Decibel. “It is composed in movements with the story behind the record driving the music. We wanted the intense rollercoaster of emotions to be blatantly obvious when listening to this song.”

Take a listen to “Anatomy of Us” below.