Track Premiere: Siderean – “Sidereal Evolution”

Science fiction has been a chief lyrical concern of progressive death metal for three decades now — from Nocturnus’s mind-expanding bleeps and bloops on The Key, through the purple-album-cover tech-death boom of the ’00s, to Blood Incantation’s stoned philosophical ponderings. Siderean fit neatly into that tradition on their debut album, Lost on Void’s Horizon. Their band name is a corruption of “sidereal,” a reference to the timekeeping system used by astronomers to locate celestial objects in deep space. The dissonant, forward-thinking death metal on the album has its sights set just as far into the beyond.

Hailing from Ljubljana, Slovenia, the band spent a decade honing their craft under the name Teleport, rechristening themselves as Siderean last year and releasing a killer demo called Sidereal Evolution. The title track to that demo reappears on Lost on Void’s Horizon in re-recorded and fully polished form, and it’s a brilliant illustration of Siderean’s galactic prog-death. Guitarists Matija Dolinar and David Kocmur are in fine form, trading chunky technical riffs and spacey Floydian leads with aplomb, while vocalist Jan Brišar leads the odyssey with deep, alien bellows. We’re premiering the track today, and you can read what the band had to say about it below while you listen:

“A deliberate musical journey first introduced on the debut demo, “Sidereal Evolution” is this time reiterated as an even fiercer odyssey into grotesque space. Unfolded here is the story of a tellurian brood looking up to the stars and the void and being entangled in an evolutionary celestial saga from past and future epochs that unfurls itself upon our carnal senses and entrances us into the astral and beyond.”

Pre-order Lost on Void’s Horizon, out June 25 via Edged Circle Productions.