Video Premiere: Eternal Struggle – ‘Manifesto/Point One’

Hardcore crew Eternal Struggle are in the groove for their debut album, Year of the Gun. Although it’s their first album, Year of the Gun positions Eternal Struggle as a band to be known by a larger audience. They make their beliefs known on latest single, “Manifesto/Point One,” which can be watched below.

Hailing from Israel—but, the band notes, not Zionist or in agreement with the Israeli foreign policy—Eternal Struggle write about the horrors of war and the fact that no one wins. In addition to playing major festivals and shows with international touring bands like Turnstile, Eternal Struggle have participated in benefit shows and fundraisers for police brutality, women’s rights and refugee children.

“Manifesto/Point One” is for fans of positive hardcore, as well as fans of extremely-heavy breakdowns. Watch the new video below and pre-order the album (out June 4) through Upstate Records or Demons Run Amok in Europe.