Video Premiere: Dordeduh – “Pândarul (live at Quantic)”

Decibel is pleased to present a new live video from Romania’s Dordedeh, taken from the live CD/DVD that comes with the band’s latest album, Har (if you get the deluxe artbook edition). The video features the band playing “Pandarul,” from their 2012 debut album Dar de duh.

According to the band:

“Probably no other song captures the essence of our debut album Dar de duh better than “Pândarul” does. This track links our black metal roots with the more progressive character of our new music. The flute in the playful fairy-tale part also connects the composition with the traditional aspect of our sound. Playing “Pândarul” live is always fun as the many spicy ingredients bring out a tasty flavor.”

The video is taken from a performance in Bucharest in 2019 celebrating the band’s 10-year anniversary. Indeed, as the band says, the song bridges the gap between traditional black metal instrumentation and various flavors of progressive and folk metal. The result is a rousing show of power and atmosphere, in which guitars, flutes, clean/harsh vocals and intricate rhythms swirl together into an epic storm of black metal art. Let’s hope we can call return to these experiences in non-virtual form very soon.

Har comes out on May 14 via Prophecy Productions, you can find pre-order information here.