Full Album Premiere: Waternoose – “All Pain, No Feeling”

There is a new musical force festering from the underground sewage pit that is called Los Angeles: Waternoose! Featuring members of such noteworthy bands as Fissure, Forged, Violent Odds, Clorox Dream and the almighty Goolagoon, Waternoose look to shake things up with an inspired musical formula that looks to blend elements of powerviolence, screamo and shoegaze into just the right depressing formula for a world awakening from its COVID-induced slumber.

Their debut album, All Pain, No Feeling is a stunning display of the band expressive prowess, at times veering between tragedy, irony and anxiety, sometimes all within the same song. There are several moments that stick out to me personally, perhaps no more than the melancholy album closer “It Is a Maker,” which is one of the most beautifully depressing and surreal pieces of instrumental music I have heard in quite a while.

If you are a fan of any era of Daughters, the Locust or Saetia, I could not recommend this highly enough. It’s like all the anguish and absurdity of being locked in our houses for the past 14 months has been manifested into an album that could not feel more vital. Hopefully this is that start of a very bright future for Waternoose.