Full EP Premiere: Coscradh – Mesradh Machae

Although they formed over a half-decade ago, these black/death Dubliners move at their own mysterious pace. Like some beast of folklore, Coscradh’s slayings are sporadic, but terribly feared and always discussed far and wide long after they’ve occured. The day has yet to come when these words will stop short of that mighty, snarling beast in its full-blown full-length glory, but there is good news yet. Not yet an album, but on Friday May 7, Coscradh will released two new songs in the form of a 7”—the latter, as you’ll read below, is a demo track from their forthcoming LP.

“On a one-day session in August 2020, Coscradh recorded a pre-production demo in preparation for the debut album and returned with a result so hideous that it would have been too merciful not to release a selected duo on 7”,” the band told us back in March. “‘Mesradh Machae’ is an old Gaelic term for ‘Heads of the men who have been slaughtered,’ in reference to the Celtic cult of the severed head and the reverence of such effigies in early Irish society. Accompanied by ‘Plagues of Knowth,’ an early demo version of a song that will be on the first full-length, an account of what could possibly have been one of the first plagues to hit the land.”


Out this Friday on 7” vinyl from Invictus Productions, this is . . .

Mesradh Machae 


Invictus Productions