Track Premiere: Dawn Ray’d – ‘Wild Fire’

Red and black metal luminaries Dawn Ray’d will release their upcoming Wild Fire seven-inch on May 7, featuring two renditions—one black metal, one folk-inspired—of the song “Wild Fire.” Today, Decibel has partnered with the band to premiere “Wild Fire I,” the black metal version of the song.

The song—their first new music since 2019’s Behold Sedition Plainsong—is a call to arms against fascists in the metal scene and in the world, set to the band’s music which alternates between aggressive blasts and slow dirges.

“For too long have we watched antisocial losers use cheap far-right shock tactics, shameful relics of the past, swastikas, dog whistles and other cowardly signifiers to which they have no claim,” Dawn Ray’d tell Decibel. “So as to inject a bit of life into otherwise unremarkable bands.

“Why is it those bands, of which we all know the names, when pressed, deny any far right leanings, hastily distance themselves from any sincere conviction, mumble apologies, insist there was some misunderstanding, or some other historical context?

“Dawn Ray’d has done everything we can to make it as clear as possible what we believe, why we think the world should be better and how we think we can get there. And one of the first jobs we have is to erase these parasites, cowards and bad actors from our communities: we are against fascism in all forms, now and forever. We make no apologies and will not concede one inch in our conviction and belief that people are good and need defending, everything for everybody, until this world is a good and fair place for everyone who is good and fair.

“’Wild Fire’ is two versions of the same song, and I hope the lyrics ring out clear for themselves.

“Fuck all the coward bands that crumble when pressed, let’s together build the true black metal resistance!”

Dawn Ray’d will release Wild Fire via Action Now! and Prosthetic on May 7, but “Wild Fire I” is streaming now.