Decibel’s EXCLUSIVE At the Gates ‘The Nightmare of Being’ LP Color Pre-Order Is Available NOW!

Decibel’s 200th issue cover stars At the Gates have returned with their latest contribution to the pantheon of death metal! Entitled The Nightmare of Being, the Swedish melodeath masters explore the deeper philosophical aspects of pessimism, resulting in quite possibly one of their darkest albums to date. Not to be the death of the party, however, this reveal comes with some good news: Decibel will be releasing their own exclusive LP color!

Coming in with just 300 units, this limited-edition printing comes packed with a single 180g tan LP, a two-page vinyl insert as well as a A2-sized (approximately 16.5” x 23.375” for us Americans) poster. These records will sell out and the only place you can get your copy is right here from the Decibel webstore. As with all of our exclusive LP colors, once they’re gone, they are gone for good. Pre-orders are available now, so don’t miss out on this offer or else you’ll really have a reason to be upset!

NOTE: This is a pre-order that is due to be release July 2, 2021. All details, including release date, are subject to change.