Video Premiere: Teloch Vovin – “A Dirge To The Death Ov Life, Love And Hope”

If you’re looking for a good bruising, the new song and video from Teloch Vovin delivers quite a doom-metal beating, with the added cutting power of black metal guitar tones.

According to the band, the song “is a blackened doom epic, with the beginning half being a wretched and hypnotizing musical assault on the senses and the latter half of the song features some amazing weeping and soaring lead guitar work from the bands lead guitarist C.0.S (main man of the band Wind’s Lord) over top of a doomy and epic bass refrain from the band’s bassist Saturnus.”

As for the lyrics, they are “a direct reflection of witnessing the real life breakdown of someone close to the band coming apart at the seams while dealing with depression and alcohol abuse.” Therefore, the accompanying music video depicts “a night of total insanity and one’s total loss of control over oneself.” When put together, “the music, lyrics, and images express a wretched soul bereft of any value found in one’s life.”

While the band’s stated purpose with the song and video is to make the listener uncomfortable, I would say it’s more thought provoking than anything else. I also like that the video uses imagery and metaphor rather than try and create a dramatic narrative. This way the viewer can infer and put the pieces together in a way that makes sense for their own experience. I’ve known a lot of people who were very dear to me that destroyed themselves, but this video did not lead me to despair, but to that ultimate point of all art: reflection.

If you dig the band and want to see more of them, check out their free May 8 livestream with Malignancy and Sickbay.