Track Premiere: Human Failure – “Your Hope is a Noose”

Human Failure is D. Cornejo, the solo artist behind numerous modern-day underground slaughterers, including Akasha and Dekagram, just to name a few. But Human Failure may be his most menacing project yet, in which the solo artist gives hellish vent to his deepest rage. Out next month in a joint effort from stateside terrorizers Caligari and Sentient Ruin on cassette tape and 10”, Human Failure’s debut full-length Crown on the Head of a King of Mud is just one explosion after the other as harsh-noise, hardcore punk and utterly detached death metal brawl for dominance. However novel, Human Failure’s relentless approach is anything but refreshing. It’s horrifying. 

According to Cornejo: “Failure is a project intended to be as brash and primitive as possible, with writing and recording sessions taking place in the exact same moment. Drums are recorded on the fly, guitar riffs are pieced together over the top in a haphazard manner and lastly noise is layered on top of it all in order to seal it all together sonically. Lyrics on this record were truly a minor concern of mine. I knew what each song represented, but having well-written and well-paced lyrics was not something that I deemed necessary. Instead, I focused on a phrase or two and repeated them ad nauseam so that the vocal performance on the demo is less of a recitation of poetry and more of an unfiltered and pure release of pent up anger, hate and dissatisfaction with the world around me. The phrases for this song explain [its] purpose more efficiently than I could: ‘We cannot be saved,’ ‘Your hope is your noose’ and lastly ‘This is not the truth,’ referring to the paranoia of not being able to trust your own mind and not knowing what’s real, if anything.”

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