Album Premiere: House by the Cemetery – ‘Rise of the Rotten’

House by the Cemetery album

The House by the Cemetery was a supernatural shocker from the maestro of Italian gore, director Lucio Fulci. While it’s not one of the bloodiest in Fulci’s canon, it oozes an atmosphere of dread. Inspired by that film, Swedeath project House by the Cemetery opts for the genre’s splatter instead of atmospherics. The band joins horror hounds Rogga Johansson, Paganizer drummer Matthias Fiebig, and Monstrosity vocalist Mike Hrubovcak. Pulverised Records will unleash hell when House by the Cemetery releases their debut (Rise of the Rotten) on April 23rd. But Decibel Magazine is opening the cellar door a few days early with this exclusive stream.

Recorded separately by each member and stitched together, House by the Cemetery’s Rise of the Rotten does not feel hastily conceived. While there’s an obvious old school vibe, the production of the vocals is crisp and contemporary. The compositions are lean and muscular, following tight structures with few deviations. But let’s face it: most of the tracks live and die by the chainsaw. In most cases, the grime and fog of Fulci’s films does not extend to the album’s sound. It was mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström, and each instrument cleanly slices. But there is a cob-webbed ambience in “A Morbid Scent” and stunning album closer “March of the Undead.” House by the Cemetery is an ode to old school Swedish death in apex predator form. Oh yeah, and an ode to Fulci’s grotesque brilliance, as well.

Don’t go in the basement. But do press play and stream Rise of the Rotten below.

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