Full Album Stream: Odal – “Welten Mutter”

Germany’s Odal has been preaching the good word of black metal for a long time. Playing a melodic, melancholy style of raw coldness, the band has gained respect among the devoted, but has yet to become a common name among black metal generalists.

With the coming release of band’s latest album, Welten Mutter, there’s a chance that might change. The album follows the same trajectory as much of their past work, but bears a full, atmospheric character that adds a touch of Fen, Blut Aus Nord and Falkenbach to the band’s repertoire. With that, Decibel happy to provide the album in its entirety below.

Here’s how the band describes their latest work:

“Just as with the previous albums, Welten Mutter once again works as a concept piece. Each of our records works as further development of its predecessor but should nevertheless stick to our roots as a band in every way.

The main theme remains basically the same; it deals again with nature, life and death, striving, and transience with reference to the old, pagan world of gods. Within this very album, the lyrics deal also with general and private topics. In terms of text, music, and artwork, the album forms a unit that is intended to have a holistic effect on the listener.”

Welten Mutter comes out via Eisenwald on April 23. Enjoy!