Track Premiere: Graveripper – ‘Atoms Divide’

Graveripper keep things savage and simple on “Atoms Divide,” the first track from the Indianapolis, IN band’s new EP, Radiated Remains. “Atoms Divide” takes speed-obsessed thrash and leaves it in a Norwegian nuclear winter, creating a high-speed black-thrash banger.

“‘Atoms Divide’ is a great representation of what we bring to the table,” guitarist and vocalist Corey Parks says about the song. “Speed and aggression. It’s a straight forward, no-frills track. It has the thrash elements that lay our foundation, but a few intense sections that really show our approach to our black metal influence. Thematically, it’s about self-analysis and putting emphasis on your strongest traits while splitting (or ‘dividing’) off weaker ones in order to elevate yourself to the next level.”

Performing in a similar style to Skeletonwitch, Midnight and Bewitcher, Graveripper execute their music with precision and aggression, throwing in touches of black ‘n’ roll that serve as brief reprieves. Radiated Remains was mastered by Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind, giving it the sleek-but-sharp edge expected from his production.

Wise Blood Records is set to release Radiated Remains on June 4, but Graveripper are streaming “Atoms Divide” via Decibel right now.