Video Premiere: Angstskríg- “Skyggespil”

Denmark’s Angstskríg is going places. On their debut album, Skyggespil, the band uses an infectious blend of second-wave black metal (especially Immortal and Nemesis Devina-era Satyricon) and classic heavy metal that punches hard but still maintains a cold, enveloping atmosphere. Composed of two permanent members, both remaining anonymous, the band has allied itself with various other musicians across the metal world to bring further shades of sonic nuance to the record.

Decibel is therefore proud to present the album’s title track, featuring guitarist Attila Vörös ripping solo and lead work, which definitely adds a special flair to the mix.

According to the band:

“The black wanderers continue their journey through the Nordic wonderland from bright, snow-covered, frozen lakes into the darkness of the cave, where shadows roam. Do we believe in shadows? Or do we step out of the cave and into the light? Skyggespil (‘Shadow Play’) is both the title track and the album opener, so there’s a lot of pressure on this precious melody. However, it displays a variety of elements that are key to Angstskríg’s eclectic, yet, particular Nordic flavor, which obviously goes perfectly with Attila Vörös’ tasty Hungarian seasoning.”

Skyggespil will be released on May 28 via Despotz Records, pre-order information can be found here.