Track Premiere: Lucifuge – “Black Light of the Evening Star”


Germany’s Lucifuge have re-sparked the blackened thrash flame on new album, Infernal Power (Dying Victims). What started in the ’80s, had a vibrant resurgence in the mid-’90s, and is now manifesting yet again today. Of course, as fans of thrash with a bit of piss, vinegar, and devil worship, this resurgence of fast tempi, hissing vocals, and catchy bar-fight riffs is OK by us–even as we age into our golden years.

Lucifuge–either inspired by Danzig’s second opus or Lucifuge Rofocale (the regional governor of Hell)– were formed in the industrial town of Bremen in 2016. Helmed by multi-instrumentalist and owner of many Venom t-shirts Equinox, Lucifuge quickly set fire to black metal before transitioning gracefully (like a nail through a coffin lid) into blackened thrash. After setting out, Equinox harnessed Hell’s bells, creating three independently-released full-lengths, each nastier, naughtier, and eviler. After years fighting the forces of the Light alone, Lucifuge has found refuge in and support from Germany-based indie Dying Victims Productions, also home to Iron Kobra, Significant Point, and Witchseeker. Together, the dastardly duo have teamed up to release Lucifuge’s fourth studio album, Infernal Power.

Says Equinox from the bottom of Satan’s stein: “When writing this song, I wanted to do something very straight forward, simple Motörhead/Venom kind of riffing with very tight palm muting, to balance the beginning of the record — which has faster thrash songs and blastbeats — with a “slower” song that was just catchy as fuck speed metal. The end has this little build up with a guitar harmony that reminded me of the more rhythmic Randy Rhoads riffs, and it was something that just occurred when I was recording the song and felt it needed a cool heavy metal ending.”

Time for Lucifuge to smash their hard as steel/hot as hell track “Black Light of the Evening Star” on Monday’s ugly face!

** Lucifuge’s new album, Infernal Power, is out April 30th on Germany-based indie Dying Victims Productions. Pre-orders for black and colored vinyl (HERE) and for CD with sticker (HERE). Get diabolically desecrated to Lucifuge now!