Full Album Stream: Bones of the Earth – “II. Eternal Meditations of a Deathless Crown”

I think a blend of hardcore and doom is just what the world of extreme music needs right now. Lucky for us, Arkansas’ Bones of the Earth is here to deliver!

According to the band: “We’re just three dudes with a deep love for heavy metal and sci fi/medieval fantasy and Bones of the Earth is our way of combining the two.” Indeed, the band’s upcoming second album, II. Eternal Meditations of a Deathless Crown is highly influenced by the members’ devotion to tabletop gaming, mythology and other realms of nerdy escapism. But other styles mine this ground for soaring power metal flourishes, the band releases an eldritch blast of crushing power. For anyone who loves doom and sludge, but wishes their favorite modern hardcore bands would give those styles a spin, this is the record for you.

On songs like “The Empire Never Ended,” the band combines the in-your-face fury of hardcore, with the guitar tones of sludge and the wandering spirit of proggy post-metal. It’s an exciting and engaging listen that has something for fans of several styles, combined into one cohesive, totally rad whole.

Check out our stream of the album below, which comes out tomorrow via Holy Anvil Recording Co.